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This page is a placeholder. I kinda want a dropdown in the menu that goes various places. For right now I think I want to organize various tutorials for wordpress, as I train myself. tutorials. There is and I don’t recall the difference but will write it here when I do so I remember. I also wonder why my links are not blue. I need to make them blue.

Long playlist

2024 General Tutorials

Create Sidebars

Quick vid on top navigation bar.

Top/bottom & left/right switch for mobile

I think good for both and

Nick Diego (core developer) talks about how to change block order from desktop to mobile. I think he solves it with a plugin. Long so see beginning to see what he’s doing, then skip towards end for non CSS fix.

Other web tutorials to watch


Gotta admit Powder Theme has some cool looking Black & White Patterns, well worth copying. pattern library. (better) pattern library. showcase sites. template info

From the theme handbook