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What to do with this 157 acres? Two of which are zoned commercial and one of which has my 2400 square foot mixed use space/warehouse. I’m currently living in the back of the warehouse, so I’m onsite, but the front would make a good business. I could teach SpineFitYoga in there, but that’s mostly web based, so I’m open to other ideas.

I don’t want to “develop” it.

Jason’s bulldozed some shooting bays into the gravel and is bringing out shooters, so I could see training and matches as a good idea for part of it. Perhaps some survival training, archery, paintball… I want to do things that are sustainability/survival oriented and fun. Cause life’s about to get a lot shorter, lol.

We’ve had one music festival, the Big Lake Banger, and could see that as an idea going forward. Hosting an art fairs and a farmer’s market would be cool. So would a commercial compost center.

I most want cohousing (micro-village) for me and my homies, based on passive-house principles to save resources, which I expect will become scarce probably around 2027-28.

I want a food forest, probably with hybrid-hazelnuts as a primary crop, interplanted with as many things as possible.

I definitely want horses. Maybe some other livestock.

Technically climate change is working for me, so I’m expecting more things to grow here going forward than grew here in the past.

Peak oil, however, is working against us all. And with people generally not aware of what or when peak oil is, nor what it implies to society and civilization at large, I expect by the time most people think, “hey, we need to do something,” it will be too late. Like reaching the deck of the Titanic only to see the last lifeboat just sailed. Or perhaps more accurately, either being unaware the Titanic is sinking, or being in denial of the same, but either way, failing to even launch the lifeboats.

So anyway, tick tock.

Views from and within Guns N’ Yoga.

To the north is Denali, worlds tallest mountain from base to peak. Everest has a higher elevation, but Denali is 20,310 feet starting off of a base of only 2000 feet. Dwarfs anything Colorado. This pic is from my driveway, which is cool.

Denali makes for some neat sunsets as well.