I’ll test out some wordpress features with some favorite quotes. Starting with William James, from book I’m currently reading.

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Chad Reilly's lack of haircut.
Bringing in 2024 without a new haircut, or lack thereof. Big Lake, Alaska

Here we are at the great bifurcation of our interpretation. If we take the one path, we keep to the rational, the acceptable, and the strictly scientific. If the other…

William James


Chad Reilly, cow face pose.
Inside joke on Agonda beach. Goa, India.
Fav MMA Guru


Saguaro blossom.
Fun fact about saguaro blossoms is they bloom for only a day. So I was lucky to be there. Especially given that the cacti are becoming endangered due to climate change.


Chad Reilly with Mexican beach dogs.
It’s interesting to me that the Mexican beach dogs have the same form factor as the Indian ones. Oaxaca, Mexico


2nd favorite meme.
My second favorite meme.