Chad Reilly in front of bus at Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Why I moved to Alaska

The eternal dilemma, if I cut this story short, it won’t be convincing. If I explain everything nobody will read it. Being as I’m trying to be education, at least to my friends and family, let me try and thread this needle.

I think it was 2020 and I was kicking back at home, during COVID pseudo-quarantine, and being an avid reader/science blogger, COVID I thought to read William McNeal’s Plagues and Peoples. What I recall got me started was the him saying when a land became overpopulated, the historically the leader, usually a monarch would start a war. If he won, he gained new land for his subjects to move into. If he lost, his population was decreased, per the cannon fodder of war. Either way it solved the overpopulation problem.

The book’s also theme was that Mother Natures control of population was one of war, famine, or pandemic. I guess Mother Nature didn’t think to highly of contraception. But it got me thinking, Covid-19 was Mother Nature’s way of brining humanity back into balance with the earth. Being cheeky, I think I posted as much on facebook, and someone commented that it wasn’t working, human population was still increasing. And that got me wondering? How many people was too many?

Well, it turns out that wasn’t so easy to answer. Not to say, it hasn’t been answered, but that the number is highly contentious, with some denying that there even could be too many. And it’s weird, the answers often were politically charged, but both right and left seemed to be both blaming each other for wanting to “control population” wherein both sides seemed to think more is better. It was only the fringe (on both sides) that maybe didn’t agree.



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